Tuesday, October 31, 2017

SkillsUSA Costume Day

Who says that Halloween is just for little kids?   We're all "young at heart" at LCCTC!
SkillsUSA hosted a costume day on October 31st, and the student body and staff joined in the fun to raise over $200 for the club to off-set expenses of competition and travel expenses.

All students made sure they followed the rules: The costume must be school appropriate.  They all proved that we can have a little fun while we learn!

Prizes went to the top three costumes:   Congratulations Shelby Keister, best dressed; Kevin Kumrow, most character-related; and Keegan Wallace, most creative!

LCCTC wishes you a very Happy Halloween! 

Congratulations Shelby, Best Dressed
Congratulations Kevin, Most Character-Related
Congratulations Keegan!  Most Creative Costume!


Congratulations to the winners!

Cos girls put their make-up skills to work!
Way too cute!!!
It's a good thing Pandas are not carnivorous!

Great friends having lots of fun!
"Do you wanna build a snowman?"
Outstanding makeup job, Angel!
I thought Pandas only ate bamboo?
Do bunnies and kitties get along?  In VA they do!
USO singers still work hard in Cos!
Ghoulish makeup job, girls!
Dressed as a first responder in HA
Too cute...just way too cute!
The ultimate oxymoron!  An Amishman
working a CNC machine?
Go get 'em, Rosie the Riveter!