Thursday, October 19, 2017

50 Years of Excellence ~ Shelby Leasure

On October 7th, over 150 gathered at the Cascade Park Pavillion to celebrate 50 years of Excellence at Lawrence County Area Vocational School/Lawrence County Career and Technical Center (LCVT/LCCTC).  Since 1967, LCVT/LCCTC has been teaching young people academic and vocational skills and preparing them for immediate employment upon graduation.

Earlier in the night, LCCTC's Opening and Closing team assisted alumni and family who came to our school to walk through their Alma Mater and reminisce about the years spent in our hallways.  Many things remain the same, but with the times, much has changed as the employment needs of the community have changed.

Honored that night were eight founding members of the LCVT/LCCTC Hall of Fame:

  • Randy Clause ('76)  Electronics, Owner of Claw Inc.
  • Jeri Palumbo (1973-2015)  42 years teaching;  Peer Leadership, Founding Advisor; Dual Enrollment Classes through BC3
  • Frank Pascoe ('72) Carpentry,  Pascoe Builders
  • Ann Peay (1973-2008)  DECA Advisor -- continues to assist LCCTC
  • Felix Sperdute (1974-1995)  Sperdute Masonry & Union Masonry
  • Keith Stitch ('09) Commercial Artist, Elite Orthotics -- As a paraplegic he established a World-Record for benching over 300 pounds!
  • Arthur R. Zarone (1967-1995) 28 Years as Principal, Founding Administrator and was there at the laying of the first brick
  • Gerald Zona (1967-2004)  Established Commercial Art and Pioneered Computer Technology in Graphic Design, three-time Teacher of the Year

Comments made by the attendees were supportive and all were pleased to see that the school continues to work hard toward producing skilled workers, prepared to embrace the future with a step ahead.

Thanks goes to the following members of the 50th Anniversary committee who organized the event: Dave Blank, Jodi Cepro, Ken Cole, George Dudich, Juliet Gettings, Kirby Kegel, Michael Milanovich, Nick Neve, Vincent Pavia, Leonard Rich, and Karen Sipe.

We also encourage our community to support the following businesses who also sponsored the event: UB Trucking, Blank Concrete & Supply, Seminara Builders, Gettings' Financial.

All in all, over one-thousand members have joined the LCVT/LCCTC 50th Anniversary Reunion Facebook page; celebrating a milestone like this allows them to reconnect and reflect on all our school has meant to them.  One day, our current students will, too -- we hope, with a smile.

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To enlarge pictures, click on the pictures below:

LCVT/LCCTC Hall of Fame Inductees

visiting at the celebration

Representative Chris Saniato presents Mr. Rich
with a Special 50th Anniversary Commendation

a member from the class of 78 sports her
memorabilia from Commercial Arts

special design created to celebrate the 50th Anniversary