Tuesday, February 27, 2018

You'll Go Far, Kid! ~ by Felicity Weir

Senior Makenna Braniff was honored when asked if her yearbook cover design could be used on our school’s SkillsUSA T-shirts. Previously, Makenna had created the design in hopes of it being chosen to be on the cover of our yearbook. The design was based upon the theme Bridge to the Future and took approximately a week to initially complete.
Mrs. Weisenstein reveals Makenna's final product! 

Not only was Braniff’s design featured on our yearbook as she had hoped, but due to its inspiring representation of our school, she was asked permission for it to be used as a shirt for our SkillsUSA participants. Makenna was ecstatic.

She spent about a day tweaking the design, putting her skills to work. When asked how she felt the design turned out, she exclaimed ”Better than I honestly expected!” Makenna is extremely proud of herself ( as she should be). She feels as though this has been a positive milestone in her life and a step in the right direction toward her career as an Art Director.

Thankful for her shop Computer and Office Technology, she explains how her instructor Ms. Gabriel has prepared her for future. “ I have been given the tools and knowledge to do everything to the best of my abilities.” Braniff further states that Computer and Office Technology has taught her how to be ready for deadlines and showed her how the workforce she plans to enter will be.

Speaking for LCCTC and for LCCTC’s SkillsUSA Chapter as a whole, we are extremely proud of you, Makenna. Your design is a beautiful representation of our school. Your ideas that inspired the theme “Our Generation IS the Future” shines brilliantly on everything we do here; it shows us that "we CAN go far" in our careers! Ms Braniff, you are a credible example of this year’s SkillsUSA theme ‘Job Ready, Day One’.
Great job, Makenna! 

Planning to attend PTC next fall, Makenna is eager to share more of her artwork with the world and aspires to inspire. Let’s all wish her the best of luck in her future endeavors!