Thursday, June 28, 2018

O & C Advances to Finals

Wish these kiddos good luck!  They are advancing on to the final round of national competition!!  

Jaden Locke (Ellwood, COT), Felicity Weir (Shenango, HA),
Krista Berkley (Laurel, Cos), Tristyn Gravatt (New Castle, CA), 
Tabatha Zang (Ellwood, VA), Trenton Yale (New Castle, Mas),
and Dayuna Ware (New Castle, HA) -- just after they
heard the great news:  That they are advancing to the final round!

At this moment, they are ranked in the top twelve SkillsUSA Opening and Closing Teams in the nation!

This morning (June 28), they will compete -- for three seniors, for the last time -- with the hopes of bringing home a medal.  Regardless, for the third year in a row, the Opening and Closing Team has advanced to this level of competition making  LCCTC, Lawrence County, and the state of Pennsylvania proud!

The Opening and Closing Team from LCCTC
enjoys a little post-first-round-celebratory
ice cream with Executive Director of
Pennsylvania SkillsUSA, Jeri Widdowson

Medalists will be announced at the Closing Ceremonies on June 29th beginning at 5 PM.  If you are interested in watching the ceremony (and it is rumored that Mike Rowe of Dirty Jobs and Somebody's Gotta Do It may be speaking, too!) click here for the LIVE STREAM.

Good luck, 2018 Opening and Closing Team for LCCTC's Chapter of SkillsUSA!