Monday, December 11, 2017

SkillsUSA District 10 Leadership Event: Dec 7, 2017 ~ Felicity Weir

Great experience!  Made lots of great friends!

The food was great, but the company -- even better!

SkillsUSA Trivia -- "I know that answer!"

Team Building

Informative Speakers

"Social Media for Professionals"

Make a Frosty!

...don't forget to add a carrot nose!

Shay helps with a little technical know-how...

Having lots of fun -- together!

The O & C Team opened the event front of 375 people!

Delicious luncheon!

Enjoying the company of friends...and food!

Under the chandeliers 

Always together...

Keynote speaker talks of skill, knowledge, and ability

The O & C team made us proud as they opened and closed the event