Friday, May 25, 2018

Seniors Celebrate Accomplishments: Senior Banquet 2018

Alyssa and Tristyn are ready to graduate!

Carter gets his Certificate of Completion

Daylynn, Landen, Mr. Pavia, and Anthony represent HA

Look out -- it's the Welders!
Sporting the "Grad" glasses!

Tristyn, Peer Leadership President and
her adviser, Mrs. Pasterik

Alex is ready to graduate!


What's in the bag, Janiel?


Congrats, Heeter!

Mrs. Pasterik presents to our favorite 1/2 Pint!

Pure joy!


Kindal's looking to graduate!
SkillsUSA Honor Cords

Commercial Artists!

Getting you Certificate of Completion feels SOOOO good!

Kaitlyn receives the Albert P. Gettings Award.

TRIPLE trouble!

Hope you enjoyed the night, Skylar!
Mr. Blank awards the Peer Leadership honor Cords

Really, Robert!  LOL

Pretty in pink!

Great look, guys!
Thanks for the delicious food, RT!  It was AWESOME!
Cosmetology is ready to enter the world!

Somehow, it's hard to take you seriously!  

It's all about great friends!

Sr. Class Officers

EEeeeee!  SkillsUSA Cords!

We'll remember these moments!

Donning the Cords

Best Buds!
That's All, Folks!  I'm Ready to Graduate!