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Yum! Thanksgiving Dinner!

Last updated:  11/18/17

What are You Thankful For?

What are you most thankful for?

Skylar Shultz, HA 12 ~ For my Mom
Tara Stanton, Cos 11 ~ That God let me stay alive for another year
Josh Sturgill, MTT 11 ~ For family and for the experiences, good and bad,  that helped me become who I am
Trevor Cunningham, MTT 11 ~ For family and friends
Heather Burns, Cos 11 ~ For the job I have
Kyana Lambright, CA 12 ~ For my family, though I may not always show it.  Whether it’s blood-related family or friends who become close enough to become family, I am truly thankful for them.
Lauren Robison, VA 11 ~ For my mom, sister, and my friends and boyfriend
Bailey Eaton, CR 10 ~ For family, new friends, and teachers at LCCTC -- and for Thanksgiving food, of course!
Emily Barron, HA 11 ~ For family and friends
Brianna McCollums, VA 11 ~ Fo be turning 17, going to basic, and have an amazing sister in my life.
Kelli Heeter, Wel 10 ~ For my family.
Taylor Lindey, HA 10 ~ For being able to be here and be around people I care for.
Max Strobel, AT 11 ~ For family
Elisabeth Koelliker, RT 12 ~ For my family, friends, teachers, and my shop.
Blu Bartle, COT 12 ~ That I was able to find a “home” at school with my shop.  School was never this way for me, but this year, I feel blessed to have friends who are like family.
Rachel Black, COT 11 ~ For my family and friends
Emily Granata, CA 12 ~ For the amazing friends that I have made and the wonderful teachers who have helped me grow into the person I am.
Izzy Polojac, Cos 12 ~ For actually making it this far in life and doing well
Corey Gumpp, Wel 12 ~ To be here for my family and friends and to serve my community as a firefighter.

Favorite Things: Autumn

For some, when the first Canadian breeze blows and the green leaves bow to the golden glow of Autumn, our hearts go pitter-patter.  This is what we love most about Autumn:

Max Strobel, AT 11 ~ The cold weather
Rachel Black, COT 11 ~ Leaves
Emily Barron, HA 11 ~ The chilly weather
Corey Gumpp, Wel 12 ~ Hunting and Thanksgiving
Izzy Polojac, Cos 12 ~ The vibrant colors of the changing trees
Emily Granata, CA 12 ~ The weather and foliage
Blu Bartle, COT 12 ~ I love the colors and the natural beauty of the season.  With the first turn of the leaves, I am excited to enjoy Thanksgiving with family-oriented activities!
Taylor Lindey, HA 10 ~ I like the cool weather and the pretty colors of the leaves
Kelli Heeter, Wel 10, The changing leaves
Brianna McCollums, VA 11, Kids playing in leaves, carving pumpkins at Halloween, and smiling faces
Bailey Eaton, CR 10 ~ Bonfires, watching leaves change, and fall celebrations like Halloween and Thanksgiving
Lauren Robison, VA 11 ~ Anything with apples and pumpkins
Kyana Lambright, CA 12 ~ Pretty much everything!  I love the bright orange and yellow leaves, the cool weather, haunted houses and Halloween, seeing family on Thanksgiving.  I love carving pumpkins and eating pumpkin pie.  Autumn is my favorite time of the year, and it’s filled with my favorite things!
Heather Burns, Cos 11 ~ Smells of the cold air
Josh Sturgill, MTT 11 ~ Hunting season.
Tara Stanton, Cos 11 ~ Pumpkin spice everything!
Skylar Shultz, HA 12 ~ Blankets and movies

Oh the Places You'll Go: LCCTC Seniors Make Plans

"When I grow up, I wanna' be..." 

This phrase has been on the lips of most kids for years, but now that our senior class in in the home stretch, the reality of that phrase is coming to light.  

So -- based on the responses posted outside the Guidance Office, what do the members of the Class of 2018 plan to do when they graduate?

  • Kaylyn Durham ~ Chef
  • Jacob Pennachio ~ Park Ranger
  • Rachael Graham ~ Nail Tech
  • Felicity Weir ~ English Teacher
  • Brandy Linonis ~ Cosmetologist
  • Krista Berkley ~ Physical Therapist
  • Angel Kaszowski ~ Forensics
  • Brian Neil ~ Chef
  • Madelyn Fister ~ Army
  • Alexis Loveless ~ Early Childhood Education
  • Rebekah Shoaf ~ Real Estate Agent
  • Michael Kovocovsky ~ Chef
  • Anthony Simpers ~ RN
  • Skylar Shultz ~ RN
  • Waddell Vogan ~ Busienss
  • Alexis Cummins ~ Counselor
  • Landon Nice ~ RN
  • Griffin Holtom ~ Army
  • Stephanie Sankey ~ RN
  • Samantha Quigley ~ Baker
  • Suzanna Bowser ~ Trauma Surgeon
  • Mark Fandozi ~ YSU Engineering
  • Megan Walters ~ Bachelor Science Nursing
  • Kaitlyn Heeter ~ Healthcare
  • Eli Koelliker ~ PTC Culinary
  • Alyssa Graham ~ Criminal Justice
  • Micheala Lindey ~ RN
  • Earl Gravatt ~ Medical Field
  • Maggie Richards ~ BSN
  • Braden Zeigler ~ Marines
  • Haileigh Hawk ~ Physical Therapy
  • Carter Huzinec ~ Carpenter
  • Cassie Evans ~ Salon Owner
  • Elizabeth Polojac ~ Salon Owner
  • Victoria Jones ~ Hair Stylist
  • Beau Mulbauer ~ Autobody
  • Hayle Kerr ~ Salon Owner
  • Thomas Campbell ~ Mason
  • Brittany Bove ~ CNA
  • Michael Penwell ~ Mechanic
  • Garrett Duncan ~ Autobody
  • Zachary King ~ Mason
  • Brendan Theisler ~ Autobody
  • Aaron Shelok ~ Mechanic
  • Tyler Donofrio ~ Chef
  • Hallie Joyce ~ Cosmetologist
  • Jacob Vogel ~ Construction
  • Dillon Stahlman ~ Workforce

LCCTC's Pink Out Day: Breast Cancer Awareness 2017 ~ Suzanne Bowser

What is Breast Cancer? Breast Cancer is cells in the breast that start to abnormally grow out of control; it can be seen in x-rays or felt as a lump. If a tumor is malignant, or cancerous, the cells grow into the surrounding tissues or spread to distant areas of the body.

Most cases occur in women, but did you know that breast cancer can occur in men as well?  This is why we all need to be aware. 

Many have felt the sting in a personal way.  Rachel Black, a junior in the Computer and Office Technology program, tragically never knew her grandmother who died from Breast Cancer when Rachel was only six months old.

Machine Tool Tech junior,Trevor Cunningham found out two years ago that his mother had Breast Cancer. After multiple rounds of chemo and a radical mastectomy, today she is cancer free!

Christian and his mom, Emily, together during
her first Chemo treatment.  They support each
other through this tough time.  
Just recently, Christian Seinecker, Auto Tech junior has felt the sting of this disease; his mother has been diagnosed with breast cancer and is fighting it right now. She has started chemo and is doing all she can to fight this disease; Christian is doing his part, as well. When he can, he attends the Chemo sessions with his mom, and he's been stepping up his usual responsibilities at home so she need only worry about focusing on her fight. "I’m so overwhelmingly happy with all the support I’m getting from my friends -- even people who don't know who I am. All of the thoughts and prayers for us -- LCCTC has been amazing."

Unfortunately, this cancerous disease has affected too many in our lives and so by making the awareness known, Peer leadership hopes to make a difference. Once again, they sponsored Pink Out Day and out of the students/staff, their families, and the New Castle Busing Company, they sold 163 shirts of different sizes raising $123 dollars towards Dr. Slamon.  A New Castle High school graduate, funds travel straight to Dr. Slamon for his Breast Cancer Research at UCLA.

The student body at LCCTC supports Breast Cancer Awareness.

The staff gets in on the supporting research, too.
Peer Leaders, Emily Granata and Felicity Weir, work hard to make sure we all have a voice to
support those who currently struggle, and those who have fought the good fight.

“Life is short.  Spend it with people who make you laugh and feel loved.”  

Suzanne Bowser, a senior Health Assistance student, is planning to continue on to nursing school upon graduation.  She loves to write, listen to music and help others in need. A CNA, she participates in Peer leadership, NTHS, Medical Trauma Club, and Journalism.

Friday, November 17, 2017

Merry Mistletoe: Holiday Dance Dec. 8

I was Chosen ~ Summer Pitts

National Adoption Month
Did you know, according to the website, there are over 400,000 children in foster care? However, more than 60% of children spend two to five years in the foster care system before leaving. 20% of children spend more than five years, and other children never have the chance to make it out of the system before they turn eighteen. Although, on average, about 135,000 children are adopted into the United States every year. 59% of these children are from the system, 26% in which are from other countries, and 15% are relinquished American infants.

According to the website,, there has been an estimated 1-2 million couples wanting to adopt a child. More than 2% of americans have actually went through with adoption, and more than ⅓ have considered it. Statistics state that 7 million children are adopted by American families. Most children go into foster system from birth; some are fortunate enough to be adopted shortly after. Even though some children get placed so quickly, there are some who aren't so fortunate and spend many years in foster care. Those who spend many years in child services don't get the education they need.

As a result, a program named (YV Life Set) was created. The program was created for those children when they turn eighteen. The program allows them to get the education they deeply need, and they learn skills on how to live in the world on their own.

As the percentage of unwanted pregnancies rise, children are more often abandoned. The high rate of abandonment also increases the costs of the foster systems. There has been an estimation of $4.3 million Foster Care Administrative costs.

My personal experience

I was fortunate enough to begin living with my family when I was very young. I was born in Athens, Alabama but was raised in New Castle, Pennsylvania. When I was young, my mother legally signed over her rights to the state. This meant that she was no longer legally my guardian or my mother. Although she had signed away her rights, I continued with her last name until the spring of 2014. I then went to a courthouse and got my last name legally changed.

Growing up, getting bullied was a common occurrence for me. Bullying occurred because I had an accent and because my foster parents were not my biological parents.

Adoption isn’t always that bad, and knowing I’m not the only adopted child in LCCTC is comforting. I’ve began to realize that being adopted isn’t as bad as what people have made it out to be.

There are thousands of kids around the world that do not have a family, and so I know that I’m lucky that I’m fortunate enough to be around a family that loves, supports, feeds me, buys clothes for me, and puts a roof over my head. Yes -- there is a great majority who are born and live with their birth parents...

...but out of all the children in the world, my parents chose me, and for that, I am blessed.
She was wild, she was free. Only a fool wouldn’t love her”
~ The Better Man Project

Summer Pitts, a junior Vet Assistant at LCCTC, plays softball and races. She loves drawing and mudding. She lives in Scott Township and she will graduate in 2019 where she will head to college to further her career in the Vet field.