Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Meet the Eagle Staff 2016-2017

Journalism Class

Hello. My name is Gemma Gatto, Originally from Lincoln High School in Ellwood City. I am now a seventeen year-old senior and in my third year at Lawrence County Career and Technical Center.

During my time at this school, I have earned my Certified Nursing Assistance certificate. This has given me the opportunity to work as a CNA for four days a week at the Haven Nursing Home after school. It is also helping me go on part time co-op this year.

Upon graduation, I will attend college to further my studies in the nursing field.

Even though school and work are important to me, I spend my weekends and Wednesday nights traveling the state with my shotgun, competing in competitive sporting clays tournaments. This sport has given me so many opportunities and has helped me to better myself in so many ways.

These three simple things have made me the outgoing, happy, loving teenager that I am today.


Damian Quimby, a COT senior, has been involved in LCCTC for three years and has earned certifications in IC3 and  Microsoft Word, Outlook, PowerPoint, and Excel in his shop. This year COT has received Microsoft Office Suite 2016, so his plans are to add these certifications to his arsenal, as well.
After he graduates high school, he plans to got to college to study either Information Technology or Computer Forensics.

When he is not on his computer that he built himself, he enjoys hanging out with friends and enjoying  life.

Kalley McClure is a senior in the collision repair program offered at LCCTC. 

She has been a student there for almost 3 years and will be relieved to graduate this school year. 

Next fall, she is hoping to attend Nyack College as a major in criminal justice. 

Her hobbies include: reading, drawing, and listening to music like it's her oxygen. 

When she isn't home reading a good book, she's probably at her church which is where she seems to spend most of her time.


Journalism Club

Hello, my name is Aunononseeis Shirley. I am 17 years old. I am from Ellwood City.

I’m the girl that tends to keep to herself. Who would rather cook than be with people. But will always have your back no matter what.  I love to read, write, help others, hike, learn new things, and many more.
Coming to LCCTC wasn’t much of choice but more like my fate.  When I got here, two years ago, I was a shy, keep to myself kind of girl and I didn’t care about school or shop.  

This year, it's different. I am working so hard to get honor roll and to make everyone proud. And I am actually liking this year.

The new shop teacher is very good and helpful. I don’t think I could learned this much in shop without her help. I love working with Ms.Price.

If anyone asked what I thought of this school and how I changed since being here, I would have to make a list because coming here changed me and made me a better person. This school is more than a school; it can be a family if you let it.

Harley Barnwell is a 16 year-old sophomore from New Castle High School. It is her first year at Lawrence County Career and Technical Center, and she is proud to be in the Class of 2019.

Harley is studying to be a Health Assistant and recommends this shop to everyone interested in helping others. Upon graduation, she plans to continue her studies in college. In addition to the journalism club, she participates in independent arts. She wishes everyone at LCCTC the very best and hopes that her student body is able to achieve their dreams in the career of their choice.


When Health Assistance junior, Brandee D’Ambrosi, isn’t wearing her scrubs and paying attention in class, you could either find her singing on a stage somewhere or in her room writing stories for her job.
Brandee enjoys a lot of activities, but her favorites are singing, playing her many instruments, writing, and reading a great book.

After graduation, Brandee plans to attend Bloomsburg University to study Pre-Medical Sciences.

Anyone interested in joining the Eagle staff should see Ms. McVicker in room 101 or Mrs. Lynch in the guidance office.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Holiday Dance: December 2nd

Snowy Nights and Golden Lights

TICKETS:  $25 before Thanksgiving Break; $30 after Thanksgiving Break 
See Mrs. Brown to purchase tickets.

Ticket sales end on November 30th.

GUESTS:  The guest forms for students bringing a guest from outside of LCCTC is available in Mrs. Brown’s room.  Please let students know that the forms must be returned to the office for approval by Mr. Milanovich by November 21st.

DRESS CODE for formal dances will be followed.  All questions for dress code should be directed to Mr. Milanovich.  

EARLY DISMISSAL FORMS are available for students at several locations, Attendance, Front office, Mrs. Brown’s and Mrs. Pasterik’s room.  Students must come to school the day of the dance the earliest they can be released is 9:00 AM  Early dismissal forms must be turned in to Mrs. Mangino in attendance no later than Thursday December 1st at 12:00 PM.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Top of the Shop!

"Desire is the key to motivation, but it's determination and commitment to an unrelenting pursuit of your goal - a commitment to excellence - that will enable you to attain the success you seek." ~ Mario Andretti

In order to recognize more student achievement, the “Top of the Shop” and “Academic Awards” will be awarded monthly. We are creating a display in the lobby for the students’ pictures. The first student nominations will be for September. 

How does this occur?  Teachers will: 
  • name one student from each grade level to receive the “Academic Award” 
  • select one student from each vocation as “TOP of the SHOP”
Guidelines for making the selection:
  1. Academic Standing – the student must have an “A” or “B” in your class.
  2. Attendance – the student must have good attendance to school and to class. The student should have no class cuts, unlawful attendance, or unexcused absences/tardy to class.
  3. Behavior – the student must have acceptable school behavior. The student should not have received detention, in-school, or out-of-school suspension.
  4. Leadership – the student demonstrates leadership in your classroom or activities.
Congratulations to the following Top of the Shop winners!

TBA:  Will YOU be our next Top of the Shop Winner?

  • Top of the Shop:
    • Machine Tool Technology: Griffin Holtom & Aaron Harper
    • Restaurant Trades: Jake Pennachio
    • Cosmetology: Cristin Ball
    • Welding: Cody Gabauer 
    • Health Assisstant: Shay Lippmann
    • Construction Trades: Austin Campbell
    • Oil and Gas: William Zetner
    • COT: Jacob Troutman
    • Auto Tech: Jason Ealy
    • Vet Assisstant: Aliya Graham
    • Collision Repair: Beau Mulbauer
    • Commercial Arts: Samantha Turner
Academic Award:
  • 10th Grade Academic Award 
    • Stormie Fiello 
  • 11th Grade Academic Award
    • Anthony Simpers 
  • 12th Grade Academic Award
    • Sierria Jones 

  • Top of Shop:
    • Machine Tool Technology: Griffin Holtom 
    • Computer and Office Technology: Louis Slavic 
    • Electrical Occupations: Stormy Fiello 
    • Oil and Gas: Austin Basinger 
    • Vet Assistant: Alexandria Radwanski 
    • Commercial Arts: Jasmine Duncan 
    • Masonry: Dominic Fobes 
    • Construction Trades: Ray Campbell 
    • Restaurant Trades: Kaylyn Durham 
    • Cosmetology: JaBriel Blackshear 
    • Health Assistant: Julia Williams Megan Walters 
    • Welding: David Zajac 
  • Academic Awards: 
    • Grade 10:  Ciera Pennachio 
    • Grade 11:  Alyssa Graham II 
    • Grade 12:  Sam Hoesel

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Congratulations! High and Honor Roll Students:

“I'm a greater believer in luck, and I find the harder I work the more I have of it” 

Congratulations to the following students who EARNED High Honor Roll status and Honor Roll status:

10th GRADE                              11th GRADE                    12th GRADE

Rachel Black                      Krista Berkley                   Allegra Assid
Kaelyn Blakley                   Michael Birckbichler          Cristin  Ball
Claire Brandes                   Makenna Braniff              Destiny Barnwell
Aaron Dilling                      Mekenna Curtis                 Austin Basinger
Devin Dilling                      Adam Finamore                 Samuel Bollinger*
Aaron Harper                    Emily Granata                  Isaac Buckley*
Shelby Keister                  Tristyn Gravatt                Joellen Cirelli*
Riley Leonard                   Oonagh Henning              Dustin Crowley*
Jaden Locke                     Heather Jewell                    Samara Grimes
Joey Pletz                         Brittany Krieble                Madison Kineston*
Sheyanne Rutherford       Shelby Leasure                 Alize Mitchell
Christopher Ward              Micheala Lindey              Emily Moffatt*
                                          Jamielyn Liskooka         Hunter Moore*
                                          Kindal Procopio               Macheala Nail
                                          Shay Stanley                 Damian Quimby
                                          Carlee Stoner                   Kyle Roxberry
                                          Zoi Waite                         Jacob Troutman
                                          Megan Walters                Ryan Wehman
                                          Felicity Weir                    Austin Woodruff
                                         Gordon Yoder                   Antonio Zingaro*
                                          Tess Zak                                                                        

10th GRADE                              11th GRADE                    12th GRADE
Blake Agnew                           Blu Bartle                        Ja”Briel Blackshear
Tyler Barnard                          Alyssa Beers                    Raymond Campbell
Emily Barron                           Sarah Bollinger               Ethan Caylor
Saleen Birckbichler                 Suzanna Bowser             Charles Clouston
Terrel Booker                          Liberty Broschart            Taylor Dilling
April Boots                              Madalyn Carroll               Gemma Gatto
Caryn Brandes                       Daylynn Cumberledge     Thomas Gennock
Jacob Brown                           Alexis Cummins               Angela Graham
Heather Burns                         Brandee D’Ambrosi          Kayla Grannis
Wyatt Butler                             Mary Dolquist                  Matthew Hawkins
Austin Campbell                       Kaylynn Durham             Marshaya Hudson
Brayden Carter                         Cassandra Evans              Sierria Jones
Cheyenne Cummings               Mark Fandozzi                 Kurtis Kelly
Trevor Cunningham                 Kaden Fernandez              Alexis Kestle
Wesley Davies                            Madelyn Foster                Jenna Locke
Katie Dillen                                Tyler Gatto-Christofferson  Harlee Long
Rachel Duffy                             Alyssa Graham                Kalley McClure
Mark Durban                             Corey Gumpp                   Brooke McCrumb*
Jason Ealy                                  Bailey Guyer                   Kyle McKinnis*
McKenzie Evans                        Alyssa Hanlon                Matthew Michael
Brittany Fewox                          Kaitlyn Heeter                 Mindy Michaels
Stormy Fiello                             Kamaraye Holmes           Damia Morton
Cody Gabauer                            Griffin Holtom                 Camryn Moses
Audrey Gallentine                     Dustin Hudson               Mark Seamans
Aliya Graham                            Carter Huzinec               Aunonseeis Shirley
Caleb Grim                                 Asiah Johnson                 Troy Silver
Eugene Hake                              Kyleigh Johnson             William Simmons
Marli Heberle                              Jacob Jones                        Louis Slavic
Alexis Herold                              Hallie Joyce                      Miranda Thornley
Noah Jackson                             Tyler Karenbauer            Alyssa Weatherby*
Vaughn James                            Robert Kelley                   David Weston
Travis Kelly                               Hayle Kerr                       Katrina Youngworth
Sierra Knight                            Michael Kovocovsky        William Zehner
Joseph Koscinski                        Makayla Kozora              
Jessalyn Kray                            Kurzon Kuznarik
Nathan Krieble                           Brandy Linonis
Calvin Lample                            Tatum Lordi
Haleigh Lee                                 Brittany Loughner
Shay Locke                                 Isaac Lutz
Ireland Mattocks                        Michael McCowin
Tabytha McConahy                    David McKinstry
Aaron McMillen                         Linzy Miller
Richard Nesbit                           Mary Jane Mills
Mackenzie Nye                          Beau Mulbauer
Ciera Pennachio                          Jayden Murphy
Jacob Ponziani                            Marissa Newell
Mollie Rader                              Samantha Qui9ley
James Radich                             Douglas Quimby
Dayuna Reitnauer                    Alexandria Radwanski
Madison Ritter                         Maggie Richards
Lauren Robison                        Domenik Ritter
Carra Rockwell                         Casity Robson
Christian Seinkner                  Skylar Shultz
Noah Skelley                           Anthony Simpers
Tara Stanton                           Briana Smith
Julia Williams                          Cameron Trott
Sierra Yakubik                         Jacob Vogel
Trenton Yale                            Krystal Vogel
Tabatha Zang                         Jake Welther
                                                Tyler Woodruff
                                                Braden Zeigler
 (*) Indicates a full-time or part-time Cooperative Education Student