Thursday, October 13, 2016

See You at the Pole ~ Gemma Gatto

On Wednesday September 28th, students from all over the nation gathered at their school's flag pole before attending their first period classes; this was also true for Lawrence County CTC.

Roughly twenty students and adults from our school joined together to pray for our country, our cities and towns, and our school.

"It was nice to see other students publicly gather together with God." ~ Gwin Buntman, Health Assistant sophomore.

"Being able to pray for our school is important to me," recalls Kaitlyn Heeter, Health Assistant junior. "It means a lot to be able to gather with my friends to offer my prayers; there is so much support we can give in this way."

Oonagh Henning, Commercial Arts junior, liked that it took place outside around the flag pole.  She was able to show others her beliefs without having to say a word; her actions did the talking.  Oonagh feels that it is important to "unite with others who have similar beliefs."

"I just love to pray," beams Dayuna Reitnauer, Health Assistant sophomore.  Sometimes, it is as simple as that!

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Remind App!

Get connected!  Stay connected!  Sign up TODAY!

The instructions are simple:
1.   Download the Remind app on any smart phone/device.
2.   To alleviate unnecessary messages, students have been grouped by their year of graduation.  
3.  Simply select your year of graduation and text the following message to the number 81010:
·         sophomores: @lcctc2019
·         juniors:  @lcctc2018
·         seniors:  @lcctc2017

SWPB Movie Field Trip

In addition to the Movie Day on October 28th, plan for future SWPB Events like the Hockey game in December, Ice Skating in February, and the Baseball Game in April.  Make good choices!!

Students at Work

Congratulations to the following students who have successfully landed a job and are now doing what they came here to do:  Work in their field of study!

Keep making us proud!

Please take a moment to support these businesses who support our students!  Thank you all!

Meet the Eagle Staff 2016-2017

Journalism Class

Hello. My name is Gemma Gatto, Originally from Lincoln High School in Ellwood City. I am now a seventeen year-old senior and in my third year at Lawrence County Career and Technical Center.

During my time at this school, I have earned my Certified Nursing Assistance certificate. This has given me the opportunity to work as a CNA for four days a week at the Haven Nursing Home after school. It is also helping me go on part time co-op this year.

Upon graduation, I will attend college to further my studies in the nursing field.

Even though school and work are important to me, I spend my weekends and Wednesday nights traveling the state with my shotgun, competing in competitive sporting clays tournaments. This sport has given me so many opportunities and has helped me to better myself in so many ways.

These three simple things have made me the outgoing, happy, loving teenager that I am today.


Damian Quimby, a COT senior, has been involved in LCCTC for three years and has earned certifications in IC3 and  Microsoft Word, Outlook, PowerPoint, and Excel in his shop. This year COT has received Microsoft Office Suite 2016, so his plans are to add these certifications to his arsenal, as well.
After he graduates high school, he plans to got to college to study either Information Technology or Computer Forensics.

When he is not on his computer that he built himself, he enjoys hanging out with friends and enjoying  life.

Kalley McClure is a senior in the collision repair program offered at LCCTC. 

She has been a student there for almost 3 years and will be relieved to graduate this school year. 

Next fall, she is hoping to attend Nyack College as a major in criminal justice. 

Her hobbies include: reading, drawing, and listening to music like it's her oxygen. 

When she isn't home reading a good book, she's probably at her church which is where she seems to spend most of her time.

Financial Aid Night: Nov 9

Are you interested in getting money to go to college?  Have you thought about getting even more training after you graduate, but have NO clue to how you're going to come up with the money to get you there?  Have you been applying or have you been accepted to a school, but you don't know how you're going to pay for it?

We have your answer:  Financial Aid Night at LCCTC!

At 6 PM on November 8th, meet us in the LCCTC Library for an informational meeting.  A representative from the Pennsylvania Higher Education Assistant Agency (PHEAA) will be available to answer your questions regarding grants, loans, and scholarships!  Also present will be the following:
1.       Suzanne Wasilewski – BC3 Admissions Rep
2.       Michael Schleiden – Western PA Job Corp (He is in association with BC3 and CCAC – students who fill out the FAFSA and qualify for a Pell Grant are able to go to school at BC3 FREE!)
3.       Linda Welch – Community Foundation (where the majority of our scholarships come from to speak about the new, updated application process). 

Don't miss out on this opportunity to find out how you can further your education!

For more questions, please see Mrs. Lynch in our Guidance Office.

Friday, September 23, 2016

Meet Our New Staff Members:

Mr. Evan Banner
Class:  Collision Repair Teacher
What’s best about LCCTC is that the people are great!  I love that the kids are so willing to learn, and the faculty is so helpful.
Hometown:  Cranberry, PA
Why teach at LCCTC?  I want to pass along what I have learned to young people so they might find a passion in this field.
Hobbies:  baseball coach, softball assistant coach, build custom cars
Quote: “Live for the day and learn as much as you can.”

Ms. Leah Cozza
Class:  World History
What's best about LCCTC is
Why teach at LCCTC?

Mrs. Emily Discello
Class:  English 11 & 12 Team
What’s best about LCCTC is the Diversity.
Hometown:  New Castle
Why teach at LCCTC?  I was always interesting to me that the students from LCCTC can learn so many make-sense skills.
Hobbies:  Netflix, running, cross country coach
Quote: “Miles to go before I sleep…” ~ Robert Frost

Mr. Mike Milanovich
Title:  PrinciPAL
What I like best about LCCTC is that the environment is great!
Hometown:  Alliquippa, PA
Why did I come to LCCTC?  It is an opportunity to further my career.  I appreciate professional manner that students exercise, and I admire the great respect between the students and teachers.
Hobbies:  watching my daughter, Emily, compete in sports and spending time with family
Quote: “Respect me; I’ll respect you!”

Mrs. Jennifer Morgan
Class:  English 10 Long-term Sub
What I like best about LCCTC is that it is packed with talented students.  I enjoy that I am able to integrate career skills with academic instruction.
Hometown:  Enon Valley, PA
Why did I come to LCCTC?  I knew students who came here when I was in high school; I always heard great things!   
Hobbies:  completing master’s degree at Robert Morris University
Quote: “Hocus pocus – time to focus” and “The function of education of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically, intelligence plus character – that is the goal of true education.”

Ms. Jullianne Pia
Class:  Gym Teacher
What I like best about LCCTC is that students can go to school and learn a trade.
Hometown:  New Castle
Why did I come to LCCTC?  I like that the school offers both a trade and academics.  I really like the kids!
Hobbies:  working out, discovering ways to be a healthy Vegan
Quote: “Everything happens for a reason.”

Ms. Jennifer Price
Class:  Restaurant Trades Teacher
What I like best about LCCTC is that this school is a diverse; students can come here and learn so much more than they can in traditional education.
Hometown:  Alama, TX
Why did I come to LCCTC?  I have a love and passion for cooking and teaching; this is my alma mater.  I would love to pass on what I know to my students.
Hobbies:  Owns Mex-to-go in Cascade
Quote: “If you can’t take the heat – get out of the kitchen.”

Mr. Brad Windhorst
Class:  Pre-Calc, Calc, Physics, and Physical Science
What I like best about LCCTC is that the staff and students here are wonderful!  I love LCCTC!
Hometown:  Portersville, PA
Why did I come to LCCTC?  I student taught here, and it led to a great opportunity.
Hobbies:  Coach statistician, caring for the farm

Quote:  May the "force" be with you.