Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Students at Work: Co-Op Assignments

Congratulations to the following students who have successfully landed a job and are now doing what they came here to do:  Work in their field of study!

Keep making us proud!

Please take a moment to support these businesses who support our students!  Thank you all!

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Volleyball Game 12.22.16

Bump, Set, Spike!
"Slightly" over the net...but they won the point!
Keep your eye on that ball!
Emily for the point!
Total teamwork from the staff!
Go get 'em Ms. Young!
Officer Priesel and Mr. Windhorst work together for the point.
Barker hits that spike!
Getting ready for the next play.  Nice shirt Mr. Milanovich!
Planning for the next play.
Jackson gets the return by the student team

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Spirit Week

Spirit Week of Lawrence County CTC
Pajama Day
Pajama Day started Spirit Week with a hushed whisper shouting the start of fun, and, as you can see, many of the student body were involved.  Let's just say that though these students were pretty darn comfortable, they DID stay awake to learn!
Decade Day

Stormy Fiello dresses as Rosie the Riveter, a cultural icon from World War II who represented the strength of America's female work force.  

April Boots represents the 50s by dressing as a "Greaser".  This fashion was made popular by the S.E. Hinton novel, The Outsiders.  

Here, Riley Leonard shows off the fashion of the 50s immortalized in the iconic musical, Grease.

Kyanna Lambright wears the fashion of the 80s -- when the Internet was housed in underground military bunkers and computers were the size of living rooms!  Here, bold and bright was the norm, and Kyanna wears it like a champ!
Tie Dye Shirt Day

Another day featured Tie Dye Shirts, and on this day many of the students and faculty joined in to make this school a colorful place to be!  The one shop that stood out the most was Vet Tech.

Nerd Day
Matt Hawkins currently serves the graduating Class of 2017 as president.  He is the vice-president of Peer Leadership and has participated in ROVA.  He has earned his Certification as a Nurse Aid and studies Health Assistant with the goals of one day becoming a doctor.  He proudly participates in SkillsUSA as a member of the Health Bowl team.  He was the gold-medal winner at the Jeri Palumbo Memorial 5K and runs track (his favorite event:  the 800) and cross country for his home school, New Castle High School.  He was also our school's representative to RYLA.  Yep -- he's our favorite "nerd."  

Here are Katrina Youngworth and Kyliegh Johnson, just a few of our many "nerds" who really "geeked it up" on nerd day.  Nice photo-bomb, Matt.
Superhero Day
Closing out the week, we had Super Hero Day, and you can see -- it was a big hit!  Students had the opportunity to dress up as their favorite super hero.  Check out this dynamic duo:  Elizabeth Polojec and Brandy Linonis

Flanked by a pair of Batgirls, Kaitlyn Heeter and Macheala Nail, Riley Leonard represents Captain America.

Super-teacher, Mrs. Cepro, and super student and granddaughter, Kaelyn Blakley

It seems like our whole school took part in Super Hero Day.  Posing here to make sure our school runs like clockwork is our fearless staff:  Mrs. Mangino, Mrs. Sipe, Mrs. Kolodziej, Mrs. Cwynar, and Mrs. Lamenza.

We don't need a day to honor our super heroes; our school already has one, our very own Police Officer Preisel posing with Iron Man, Ethan Bobic.

Christmas History - Rachel Black

We all know Christmas is a holiday spent with family and filled with love, food, and presents; but do you know the history behind Christmas? Well, you’re about to find out:

Christmas is a Christian holiday celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ. The very first Christmas celebration was on December 25th in the year 336. Over two millennia, it became known as a religious holiday celebrated worldwide! Throughout the centuries we’ve incorporated many pre-Christian and pagan festivities.

One of the traditions we’ve adapted has been the gift exchange we participate in every year with our loved ones. The celebration of gift exchange started with the story of St. Nicholas.

St. Nicholas was a bishop in a place we now call Turkey. He was very wealthy because his parents left him with a large inheritance when they died.  With the money he inherited, he decided to use it to benefit those around him. There was a poor main in his home village of Myra who had a daughter that he could not afford for her to get married. St. Nicholas, hearing of the poor man’s struggles, dropped a sack of money down his chimney in order for his daughter to be married. Because of St. Nicholas’s generosity, the tradition of gift giving had sprung, flash forward quite a few years and now it’s a tradition we all partake in.

Now, let me tell you an old, somewhat "different" German tale:

Krampus is a demoni Santa, demoni being Italian for demonic; he deals with the not-so nice children of the world. Krampus has fangs, horns, and some dark hair, but what makes him unique is what he carries along with him -- a chain that he drags on the ground and a bundle of birch sticks. The whole point of Krampus, who beat the wicked children of the world,  was to be a counterpart Santa, who rewarded good children of the world.

Merry Christmas, boys and girls! I hope you have a joyous holiday! ...and I hope that there is no Krampus coming after you!

edited by: Kalley McClure


Entrepreneurship Week ~Gemma Gatto

Have you ever thought of owning your own business?  Well -- this year, seniors from our school celebrated Entrepreneur Week, and they did so with a competition.  Why?  Perhaps it was to see who could make the most money on an online game called GoVenture.  Maybe it was a little friendly competition, or perhaps it was to learn from mistakes and making good decisions with some play money.  At least sixty-four students competed in the event, so it's easy to say that the seniors kept busy as they had fun learning.

Sixty-four students competed in this event. GoVenture’s game consisted of running a virtual business cart selling either ice cream, snacks, hot dogs, clothing, and jewelry or electronics.  Students got to pick where to locate their cart, taking in factors like weather and other events happening in the city. In addition, students had to buy products, advertise, hire employees, and set prices – all the while avoiding bankruptcy.

Cristin Ball, a cosmetology senior, told us, “When I was playing the game, I thought picking the least amount of everything was best; but I came to the realization that getting a larger quantity of items, raising the items’ cost, reading the paper to find a good location and hours, and hiring more than one employee helped raise the money being made and took my income statement out of the negatives.” 

Throughout the course of the game, students learned about owning their own business.  “I thought businesses ran on little factors, but now I know there is a large amount of details you must pay attention to in order to make money,” remarked Logan Michaels, a senior from construction trades. 

“I thought that running a business would be easy, but I was wrong. Now I know it takes time, money, and patience to run a business,” said Ashley Long, also a senior from construction trades. 

“I was thrilled at the student engagement!" Ms. Conder laughed. "They were yelling at their virtual employees for not showing up to work!” 

The Grand Prize winner, David Zajac, made $31,174 and was granted a fundraising box of 52 Hershey’s candy bars. The First Runner-up, Dominic Fobes, who made $29,815, received a ticket to our Behavioral Incentive field trip to see the Phantoms play hockey.  Second Runner-up, Samual Johnston, with $25,657, received one of our school shop uniform shirts.

After it was all said and done, Mrs. Conder told us, "The students learned more while struggling, trying to make a successful business, than I could have taught them in a week!”

Mrs. Conder plans to make this a yearly event.

LCCTC Represents at Light Up Night ~Gemma Gatto

Corey Gump

Bringing in our float
Holiday Dance Court

Mr. Milanovich and Mr. Rich support our kids!
Winter, Will, and Sierra
Bottom L to R:  Cristin Ball, Samara Grimes, Paige Lane, Kyleigh Johnson
Top L to R:  Allegra Assid, Stormy Fiello, Makenzie Nye, Briana Burgin, Jenna Locke, Emily Moffatt
Bottom L to R:  Cristin B, Samara G, Dayuna R, Paige L., Kyleigh J.
Top L to R:  William S., Madison R., Allegra A., Stormy F., Makenzie N., Alan Petrangeli, Briana B., Jenna L., Emily M., Winter B., and Sierra D.

Skills USA Leadership Conference

Future Leaders at Work ... and on their way to finding out
what it means to be true leaders.
Learning how to be a better role model for our school...

Fundraising ideas!
Making new friends...getting over being the quiet, shy wallflower...

Stepping outside of comfort zones...

Team building and Trust!

Lots and lots of trust...

Lots and lots and LOTS of trust!

and having fun at the same time...

Getting into the Christmas spirit



Taking the lead...

Not afraid to be silly...

NEVER afraid to be silly!
Learning all about SkillsUSA

Friendly competition!

New friends!

Overcoming obstacles with class!