Thursday, March 15, 2018

Stick Up for the Paws ~ by Emily Granata and Alyssa Beers

All proceeds from the Stick up for the Paws
event goes to benefit New Castle's K9 Program.
Thank you, Sgt. Bucker and Bojar for the
demonstration!  Also, thank you Officer Preisel
for agreeing to help by being the "bad guy."
Appreciation also goes to our physical
education teachers, Mr. Simon and
Ms. Kolo for agreeing to be taped to the wall!

Great job Peer Leaders!
For more information on the event and
the K9 Program, see HERE.

Riley and Emily welcome the students and staff as well as
 giving a brief explanation of the day's activities.

Max and Nathan begin to tape Mr. Simon to the wall in the gym.

Amelia, Josephine, and Candice begin to tape Ms.K to the wall, also.

Max and Nathan admire their work.

Ms.K enjoying just "hanging" out.

Mr. Milanovich snaps a photo for prosperity.

Bo and Griffin are ready to dig in.

Josh checking out his competition.

With all hands tied, the competition begins.  

Riley adjusts the pie for Jamielyn.

The peers leaders enjoy watching the students shove their
faces in the pies.

Hope you like apple -- specially baked by RT!

The crowed enjoys watching the students
shove their faces in pies also.

Corey enjoys all the whipped cream on his pie.

Dax and Noah chowing down.

Earl enjoys a face full of whipped cream.  

Josh and Bo having a good laugh!

The crowd laughs WITH the contestants.

Dax, declared the winner, talks to Mrs. Kegel while 
Noah tries to get down the rest of his pie. 

The competition gets intense.

Nick helps Josh wash down his pie.

Dax wins the pie eating contest.

Adam wins second place.

The crowed cheered as the pie competition came to an end.

Office Preisel, Sgt. Bucker and Bojar are welcomed
into the gym for the next part of the show.

Sgt. Bucker demonstrates the level of
focus his partner must have -- even with a
table full of almost-eaten apple pies in
the background!
Bojar checks out the crowd.

Officer Preisel tries to smile at his soon-to-be attacker.

Get 'em Bojar!  That's one strong dog!

Bojar for the win!

Proudly carrying his trophy!

Riley and Emily stand by Bojar for a final photo 

Saturday, March 10, 2018

Stick Up for the Paws! by Emily Granata

What started off as just a day of activities, only a few ideas turned into a thoughtful gift. Three students from LCCTC’s Peer Leadership joined together and brainstormed a fun way to say “Thank you” to our own, Officer Preisel and the NCPD.

"K9 Aldo has a very friendly personality
but knows when it's time to go to work."

Here is the result of their collaborative session:  On March 14th, Peer Leadership will be hosting an assembly to celebrate Pie Day.  The title is sort of a nod to our Math Department at LCCTC because it is 3.14 (the third month/the fourteenth day) is often known as Pi Day, but behind our “Pie Day,” we have a sweet twist: The day will include a pie eating contest where one student from each shop week will be nominated by their shop to participate. Let’s hope everyone likes apple pie -- with whipped cream!
"Bojar is utilized in 13 Counties in Western Pennsylvania
for Explosive detection. Bojar’s favorite
activity is playing fetch."

There will also be an event where our two gym teachers, Mr Simon and Ms. K, will stand on a chair and get duct taped to the wall; we’ll pull the chair and see if they stick!  Students can purchase the tape during both lunches. All proceeds will be donated to the New Castle Police Departments K9 Unit.
In addition to locating drugs, "K9 Champ assists
patrol in the apprehension of dangers offenders."

Finally, to prove the strength of our K9 division from the New Castle Police Department, Officer Preisel offered to wear the attack suit and participate in a demonstration with one of the  K9s.
"K9 Diesel also enjoys playing ball with his handler
Patrolman John Charmo. K9 Diesel has been on
duty with the NCPD since July 2012."

Between the pie-eating contest, the duct tape dangle, and the K9 demonstration, March 14th should be quite the interesting day!  Make sure you attend so you don’t want to miss out!

"K-9 'Eduardus,' Dus for short, is a Belgian Malinois
...bred in the Netherlands. His name means 'The Guardian'."
For more information about New Castle Police Department's K9 Program, please see this link:

Monday, March 5, 2018

OtJ: Congratulations to our Co-op Students

Congratulations to the following seniors who have landed Co-op employment:

We encourage you to consider these businesses who support our LCCTC students in the Co-Op Program!

Cooperative Education Criteria for Enrollment

You will need the following papers for the Co-op Program. They need to be completed and returned to Mrs. Gerhardt in the Library before you will be considered for enrollment into the program.  It is also imperative if you are under 18 that you have a work permit.  You may obtain a Work Permit from your home-school.

The student must:
  • be in the 12th grade upon enrollment into the Co-op program. 
  • be at least 16 years of age.
  • under 18 years of age, must have a work permit.
  • have been enrolled in their LCCTC shop program at least one year to qualify for the Co-op Program.
  • have the recommendation of his/her Shop instructor.
  • have a good attendance record, adequate academic credits, and the recommendation his/her guidance counselor.
  • have parent/guardian sign the Co-op Application and all other required Co-op documents.
  • be interviewed by the Co-op Coordinator and the Employer.

A Training Agreement and Training Plan must be completed and signed by Employer/ Principal/ Parent/ Student and the Co-op Coordinator before a student can begin work.

Students will be graded on the following:
  • POISE 

“Lawrence County CTC and Employers of Cooperative Education Students will not discriminate in employment,   educational programs or activities, on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, disability or age.”

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

You'll Go Far, Kid! ~ by Felicity Weir

Senior Makenna Braniff was honored when asked if her yearbook cover design could be used on our school’s SkillsUSA T-shirts. Previously, Makenna had created the design in hopes of it being chosen to be on the cover of our yearbook. The design was based upon the theme Bridge to the Future and took approximately a week to initially complete.
Mrs. Weisenstein reveals Makenna's final product! 

Not only was Braniff’s design featured on our yearbook as she had hoped, but due to its inspiring representation of our school, she was asked permission for it to be used as a shirt for our SkillsUSA participants. Makenna was ecstatic.

She spent about a day tweaking the design, putting her skills to work. When asked how she felt the design turned out, she exclaimed ”Better than I honestly expected!” Makenna is extremely proud of herself ( as she should be). She feels as though this has been a positive milestone in her life and a step in the right direction toward her career as an Art Director.

Thankful for her shop Computer and Office Technology, she explains how her instructor Ms. Gabriel has prepared her for future. “ I have been given the tools and knowledge to do everything to the best of my abilities.” Braniff further states that Computer and Office Technology has taught her how to be ready for deadlines and showed her how the workforce she plans to enter will be.

Speaking for LCCTC and for LCCTC’s SkillsUSA Chapter as a whole, we are extremely proud of you, Makenna. Your design is a beautiful representation of our school. Your ideas that inspired the theme “Our Generation IS the Future” shines brilliantly on everything we do here; it shows us that "we CAN go far" in our careers! Ms Braniff, you are a credible example of this year’s SkillsUSA theme ‘Job Ready, Day One’.
Great job, Makenna! 

Planning to attend PTC next fall, Makenna is eager to share more of her artwork with the world and aspires to inspire. Let’s all wish her the best of luck in her future endeavors!

Saturday, February 24, 2018

The History of... ~ Summer Pitts

The History of Valentine’s Day

In ancient days, an Ancient Emperor Claudius II of Rome executed two men, both named Valentine, on February 14th on different years in the 3rd century AD. Later, Pope Gelasius combined St. Valentine’s Day with Lupercalia to expel the pagan rituals.  The Normans celebrated Galatians Day (lover of women).  

Eventually, as the world started to grow, the tradition started to grow.  Hallmark then began making cards in factories in 1415.  The tradition began to develop and people started finding more ways to shower those they love with love and affection.  People began buying flowers, candy, cards, stuffed animals, and jewelry to give to their significant other as a way to show their love on this holiday.  Today the total amount of money being spent on Valentine’s Day is $19.6 billion.  

The History of St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day, named after Saint Patrick, celebrates the legacy of a man who was brought to Ireland at the age of 16 as a slave.  He escaped and later returned to Ireland where he was said to have been credited with bringing Christianity to its people.  

In the centuries his death, said to have been on March 14th, 461 AD, Saint Patrick gained mythological notoriety as he traveled and became even more ingrained in the Irish culture.  As the mythology began to spread, people started migrating to the United States where each city would host something different in order to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.  

Today St. Patrick’s day is widely known as the holiday where people wear green and explore their Irish culture.  Many host feasts, participate in parades, or dye the rivers green. It seems that on St. Patrick’ day, everyone’s a little Irish!

The History of Easter

To many, Easter, a widely-celebrated religious holiday, is known to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead.  There is a 40-day period and a 50-day period the represents the time of reflect and penance that represents the 40 days Jesus spent alone in the wilderness.  The 50-day period is called Easter tide. This includes a celebration of Jesus’ ascension into heaven.  

Known as a moveable holiday, unlike other holidays, Easter never falls on the same date as the year before.  It is most known that Christian churches celebrate Easter on the first sunday following the full moon after the Vernal equinox on March 21st.  Therefore, Easter is said to fall anywhere between March 22nd and April 25th.

Easter isn't just about the religious significances; there is also a commercial side where people spend money on buying baskets to decorate, fill those baskets with different sorts of candy in, and buy little plastic eggs. They either put candy or money in them and hide them to have an Easter egg hunt.

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Sweet Treats from Restaurant Trades ~ by Riley Leonard

If the hallway leading up to the cafeteria smelled especially delicious this past week, don’t think you’re crazy. It was Restaurant trades making Chocolate Covered Strawberries for Valentine's Day so that teachers and students could purchase and enjoy. 

Suzanna Bowser, senior Health Assistance student, couldn’t wait to take her box home and share; they were just too pretty to eat. About the berries, she said, “They were delicious! They were fresh, and they were set right. Restaurant Trades did an amazing job with them; their presentation was super-cute and neat.”

Inside the restaurant, the students worked hard to ensure that everyone can get their order. “We sold around 88 boxes. The whole process was pretty organized. Overall, about two dozen students were able to help throughout the week. Because we worked like a well oiled machine, it was such an enjoyable process!” reflects Elizabeth Edinger, Restaurant Trades sophomore.

Not only could the LCCTC faculty and students enjoy them, the Restaurant Trades team also shared strawberries for Ed Camp, a countywide-teacher inservice held this past Friday! They were able to share this delicacy with teachers and administration from each of our home school districts.

As a second-year Restaurant Trades student, my favorite part is the decorating. I was able to help decorate, set up boxes, and select strawberries for orders. 

Crazy enough, you don't need to be in Restaurant Trades to make something as delicious as the chocolate covered strawberries. Something like this is simple enough for anyone to make at home, even without a chocolate fountain! About cup of chocolate chips and a tablespoon of shortening and a microwave or a pot of boiling water is all that’s needed. 

Depending on your skill level, determine which technique you wish to use. The easiest of the two is the microwave. For this technique, just melt the chocolate in thirty second intervals. Stir the chocolate so it completely melts without burning. From time to time, you may need to reheat your chocolate mixture to ensure it remains melted. Then dip your berries until chocolate covers all but the leafy-green top. 

The more complicated method of the two is the double broil; however it may be more desirable because the chocolate does melt smoother. This one's a little more challenging because you need to pay attention to it so it doesn’t burn. With this technique, set a pot of water up to boil. Once it’s boiling, place the bowl of chocolate chips over the pot. Be careful because you have more risk of burning yourself on the pot or even the steam from the boiler below. With the bowl a little bigger than the pot, slowly stir until melted, and then dip! 

Set the dipped berries on a parchment covered sheet tray so they don’t stick. Place the tray in the refrigerator until the chocolate hardens until you’re ready to move to the next step.

To decorate your beautiful berries, keep it simple. Repeat the melting technique, preferably using white chocolate or colored chocolate; we used pink and red for this holiday. Try to avoid using food coloring because the chocolate will seize, turning stiff and granular in texture. Once your accented chocolate of choice is melted, dip a fork or a spoon into it. With the accent chocolate dripping from the utensils, zig-zag back and forth in any direction over the berries. You can also add sprinkles if you'd like; make them yours! 

After they are all done, place them in the fridge to set until the chocolate hardens. In these cool temperatures, the strawberries typically last a few days; however, after a while, the berries can get mushy. 

Chocolate covered strawberries are easy to create, and they make a great gift...if you don’t eat them all yourself! Enjoy and have fun!


Betty Crocker Chocolate-Dipped Strawberries

1 pint (2 cups) medium-large strawberries (18 to 20 strawberries)
½ cup semisweet chocolate chips or white vanilla baking chips
1 teaspoon shortening or vegetable oil


  1. Gently rinse strawberries and dry on paper towels (berries must be completely dry). Line cookie sheet with waxed paper.
  2. In 1-quart saucepan, melt chocolate chips and shortening over low heat, stirring frequently. Remove from heat.
  3. Dip lower half of each strawberry into chocolate mixture; allow excess to drip back into saucepan. Place on waxed paper-lined tray or cookie sheet.
  4. Refrigerate uncovered about 30 minutes or until chocolate is firm, or until ready to serve. Store covered in refrigerator so chocolate does not soften (if made with oil, chocolate will soften more quickly at room temperature).