Saturday, August 26, 2017

Why We Love Our School ~ by Felicity Weir

“Tell me and I’ll forget. Show me and I may remember.
Involve me and I learn.” ~ Benjamin Franklin

Every student learns differently. Where one person may be more inclined to learn through a book, another student may need to be taught in a more hands-on manner. For example, Aliya Graham states “I love LCCTC for the hands-on approach and for how much the teachers care to help the students with their education.” Aliya is not the only student who feels this way about our beloved school. For many, it is not as easy as just simply reading something or listening. Most vocational students come here for a more hands-on experience.  Our teachers really work hard to reach every students’ needs. LCCTC Senior, Maggie Richards agrees as she says “ All of my teachers have really taken the time to work with me.”  Some days, class may consist of a worksheet, reading aloud together, or a discussion/debate; other days, students may participate in a fun educational game. Most of the time, we aren't even aware that we're learning because we just enjoy being in school.  Lawrence County CTC offers a broad spectrum of teaching and learning strategies.

What is unique about a career and technical center like ours is that it not only focuses on an academic education; students also learn a trade. Jeremy Streckeisen says he loves how “our school gives us the ability to be hired even before our senior year of school is over.” Shops like Cosmetology, Health Assistance, and Computer and Office Technology graduate with several certifications that aide them in obtaining a job in their desired field. Whereas shops like Welding,Oil and Gas, and Electrical can go straight into the workforce or even into the union with the knowledge and experience obtained through LCCTC. However, some students plan to carry on their education past high school. Like many other shops, vet-tech students obtain a wide variety of knowledge that will help them be a step ahead if they decide to further their education; conversely, if students choose not to go to college, they may have higher chances of landing a job as a groomer or assisting in a veterinary office.

Every student has a different reason for enrolling in our school. Kaylyn Durham’s says her  reasoning for coming to LCCTC is that “it allowed me to further my education in cooking. My great grandmother taught me how to cook when I was really young. We used to cook all the time  for dinners and holidays. I want to thank my shop teacher Jennifer Price; having her as a teacher is a pleasure. I cannot wait to finish out my senior year at LCCTC!” Some students enroll because they need a fresh start, desire a new form of learning, or want to be a step ahead in their career. LCCTC fulfills all of those needs.

Although vocational schools are not for everyone, attending one is such a unique experience. LCCTC has been changing lives of students for over 50 years. Each individual has made the choice to become a part of our school, and in saying that, every student has made the choice to stay for a reason. Because this school has become a part of so many of us, we will live the lessons taught here at LCCTC.

LCCTC Welcomes New Students and Parents

Parents and students of the Class of 2020 packed the cafeteria this week for orientation as smiling student-helpers, PeerLeaders, LCCTC staff, and administration welcomed them into our "family."  

After Director Rich and Principal Milanovich congratulated the incoming sophomores on their acceptance and wished them well, Mr. Milanovich presented a "brief" description of what to expect as they train in their career of choice over the next three years.  

New students and parents, Welcome Packets in hand, were then able to travel throughout the sparkling-clean school to locate their classes.  They were greeted by their new teachers and staff and had a chance to get rid of those first-day jitters, now that they are familiar with their new school.  

Also welcoming them were new parking lot lights fitted with parts machined by our MTT students, wired by our EO students, and mounted on freshly-painted poles, brand-new tiles in the academic wing, and an overall gleaming-clean school, thanks to our stellar custodial staff!  As Mr. Milanovich said, "This 'Old Lady' shines!"  

For the returning seniors and juniors, we are ready on Tuesday to welcome you all back for another great year!  

"We are RISING!"  

"When the Sun is Shining": LCCTC Gets a New Roof

Surrounded by safety banners, workmen from G & W Roofing
located in Eighty-four, PA, install the new Duro-last roof

"The time to repair the roof is when the sun is shining." ~ John F. Kennedy

Kennedy knew the truth; LCCTC knew it, too.  Was the roof on the school falling in?  No.  But when it rained, and every time it rained, we all knew what to expect:  buckets.  Because our school leaders knew that a new roof was worth the trouble and investment, they decided that it was time.  

This summer, if you drove by the school, you might have seen the evidence of this work in the form of supplies, machinery, and workers perched atop our roof.  In the sweltering sun and heat of the summer, they worked to secure our roof in the form of Duro-last, a plastic, polyethylene membrane, securely fastened to the original structure and fastened with metal flashing.  The material that comes with a 20 year guarantee allows the roof to breathe, but it keeps the effects of weather outside where it belongs. The new roof reflects 85% of the ultraviolet rays to keep the summer air on the ceiling cooler and assisting in keeping the winter air warmer, thus saving money in heating and cooling.

"If you were to go on the rooftop now," states head custodian, George Dudich, "you'd need sunglasses.  It's like trying to look across snow on a sunny day;  the roof reflects a lot of light."  

As for the leaks?  Mr. Dudich states with a smile, "So far, it's doing the job it was intended to do."  

This winter and for the next 20 years, LCCTC staff and students can enjoy coming to school knowing that our building will continue to be in great shape -- all thanks to the leadership at LCCTC.  

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

LCCTC's Seeks Nominees for the First Alumni Hall of Fame

LCCTC is currently seeking nominees for our first LCCTC Alumni Hall of Fame. 

This is a platform to honor outstanding alumni in the following categories:  
  • Arts and Entertainment
  • Government and Military
  • Business and Commerce
  • Medicine and Health
  • Community Service and Volunteerism
  • Philanthropy and Non-profit
  • Education and Humanities
  • Science and Technology
  • Sports and Recreation
Nomination forms may be obtained at the Lawrence County Career and Technical Center office or from the school's website at

The deadline for submitting nominations is August 31st.  This year's hall of fame awardees will be recognized at the 50th Anniversary Celebration on October 7th, 2017 at the Cascade Park Pavilion.  Please refer to this link for more information:  Celebration

Info:  Mr. Leonard A. Rich, Director
Lawrence County CTC
750 Phelps Way
New Castle, PA  16101

LCCTC Prepares to Celebrate 50 Years

Save the Date!

LCCTC is proud to celebrate our first 50 years. We will be having a series of events on October 7th to commemorate this event including a building walkthrough followed by a banquet. We will also induct an inaugural hall of fame (See the link below for more information).

Following the banquet, we will have a celebration complete with DJ and cash bar. Cost for the banquet and celebration is $25.00 per person or $40.00 per couple. Attendance at the celebration will be $10.00. All attendees at the celebration must be 21 years of age or older.

Attire for the event is business casual. We will be posting updates on Facebook.  

  • 4:00-5:30 Building Walkthrough
  • 5:30-6:00 Hours d'oeuvres in the Dance Pavilion
  • 6:00-8:00 Dinner
  • 8:00-11:00 Celebration
You can get involved in this celebration.  See the links below:

Monday, June 26, 2017

Success is a Journey: O & C Returns to Kentucky for National Competition ~ Felicity Weir

In the words of Tommy Hilfiger, “The road to success is not easy to navigate; but with hard work, drive, and passion, it is possible to achieve the 
American dream.”
Row 1:  Tabby, Felicity, Tristyn, Jenna
Row 2:  Jacob, Dayuna, Krista
The Hilfiger quote above inspired the team to end their
year ranked 6th in the nation!
Congratulations to Pennsylvania's 2016-17 gold medal-winning Opening and Closing Team from Lawrence County CTC consisting of Tabby Zang (EC/VT), Dayuna Reitenauer (NC/HA), Tristyn Gravatt (Un/CA), Jake Troutman (NC/Cot), Krista Berkley (La/Cos), Jenna Locke (EC/CA), and Felicity Weir (Sh/HA) who traveled to SkillsUSA National Championships in Louisville, KY on June 19-25th. 

After representing our state with pride, they successfully made it to the final top 13 (of 34 states) and competed once more to finish 6th in the nation! What an accomplishment!

Mr. Brown, the founder of the Brown Hotel, Pennsylvania's "home" for the week
Although they would have loved to bring home a gold medal from Kentucky, they did bring home something equally as important: Lifelong friendship -- that is the real gold. "As a team," considers Felicity Weir, "we have achieved something that many others were unable to. With five new members, we had to compete at districts, move on through states, and go as far as becoming national finalists, and then, after competing int he second round, ranking sixth in the nation! No matter our place, we are and always will be 'Champions at Work'.” That is an accomplishment to be more than proud of.
Checking out 4th Street; later this week, Louisville
hosted a party with live music aimed at attracting
more than 6,000 students who came to compete in more
than 100 contests!  Our team competed against
34 other state gold medalists!
More than anything, the underclassmen wanted to medal for Jake and Jenna, our seniors; after all, this was their last chance to represent LCCTC. Even though they dreamed of sending them home with a medal did not come to pass this year, these two seniors gained so much from being a part of  Opening and Closing; for example, after serving as president for the last year, Jake is using his extensive ability to remain calm in times of stress and lead by example as he continues on the United States Marine Corps. As a result of her extensive work with LCCTC's entire SkillsUSA chapter and as a three-year member of the team, Jenna was hired into a full-time position after graduation because of her ability to lead, communicate, and organize.
We are ready for Opening Ceremonies!
Being on the Opening and Closing team has been a learning experience for each member. Dayuna, sophomore and first-time national competitor states that, “At first I felt very nervous to compete but as I sat to realize I was over exaggerating my fears. I put on my 'big girl pants', and as a result, found my confidence. To be on a team like this -- it’s a blessing.”

Ready to ride the charter to the convention center
The team has dedicated themselves to do something others only wish they could do, and they did so with grace and dignity. They have made those who love them proud. They have made their school and community proud. “They have made me proud,” beams Mrs. McVicker.

This team knows how to have good, clean fun!
Looking back on this past school year, it is undeniable that the team has worked harder than ever before. "By the smiles on our faces after competing one final time," recalls Felicity,  "it is easy to say SkillsUSA has given each member an irrefutably passionate drive."

As state-gold medalists, the team earned the right to purchase
their very own SkillsUSA Carhartts, embroidered with their names
Outside of Skills, they have overcome many obstacles together, as a family first, and a team second. They have pushed through loss, personal frustrations, and academic struggles. Through constructive criticism, each has overcome personal fears and have individually grown. They supported each other through laughing, crying, smiling, and everything in between. Each and every one of them has found confidence and self-discipline. 

The energy of Opening Ceremonies is palatable!  Tristyn
and Dayuna are dancing in the wings!
“I know being a part of Skills has changed my life,” reflects Krista Berkley, “and I will always be grateful for what it has taught me so far.” She continues to state, “I wish that more people get to experience SkillsUSA -- especially Hershey -- even Nationals; it’s so much fun! That was by far the best experience of my life!” She loves it so much that she’s ready to start practice for the next year!
The convention center is thumping with great music flashing
lights, and a visit from Mike Rowe, staunch supporter of SkillsUSA
and those in the skilled workforce.  He called upon the audience to
check out his interview with Fox News earlier that day, because
we appreciate all he does for our CTCs,  here is the aforementioned interview: 
Though being on a team like Opening and Closing if a lot of fun, it’s a lot of dedication, as well. This group doesn’t shy away from hard work. Tabatha Zang is already to go back to practice and has her eye out for prospective business to meet for practice; “We can meet at this new coffee shop -- I’ll ask the owner if you’d like.” It seems like SOMEbody truly enjoyed the experience!
Felicity helps Tabby get all gussied up
for the first day of competition.
Everyone played a part in the successes of our kiddos. In addition to expressing great appreciation to their team coach, Mrs. McVicker-Shaffer and our assistant coach, PJ Shaffer (Mamma and Pappa Bear), a very big THANK YOU goes to the SkillsUSA Advisors for all of the tireless work it takes for all of our SkillsUSA kiddos to have what they need, to the administration for their unwavering support, to the JOC whose YES makes this possible, to the teachers and staff who work closely with the kids to keep them on top of their studies -- encouraging them every step of the way, to the students who cheer them on, to the custodians whose words of encouragement and adjustment to their schedules for practice days show the kids how important they are, and to the cafeteria staff who were kind enough to consider sending them with a few surplus snacks -- they appreciated it all!
Our resident cosmetologist, Krista puts on the
final touches to "her" hair!
Although this year’s chapter of "Buns, Pearls, and a Tie" may be closed, the nation hasn’t seen the last of us yet. They have many more pages that have yet to be written. As paraphrased by their coach, "We have all learned that 'anything that has worth is worth working hard for' -- which is exactly what we plan to do on our journey for next year."

Felicity makes sure every hair is in place
It was Earl Nightingale who once said, “All you need is the plan, the road map, and the courage to press on to your destination.” Though a gold medal at the end of our story would have been greatly welcomed, They also understand that “success is a journey, not a destination. The doing is often more important than the outcome.” ~ Arthur Ashe

Tristyn makes sure she sports a business-look

Dayuna is all in with her transformation:
fun, red hair becomes business burgundy.  If
you don't believe it, check out her other pictures!

Jacob primps, too!

While everyone is buzzing about, this is Jenna, but somehow,
she makes it to the bus on time every time!

Preparing to enter the first round of competition. 

Our traditional team star

Nervous smiles all around -- now, the wait is on!  Did they make it to the
second round?

Anxiously awaiting the results of the first round.  They returned to the hotel
for lunch and a change of clothes before the finalists are revealed.  ...and...

Even though they made it to nationals and have passed
through to finals, practice doesn't stop.  Here, Jenna
realizes that this is her final practice -- and the team
responds as they always do...with hugs and loving tears.

It has been a wonderful year...

Post-practice -- waiting for pizza.
Sporting smiles after the second round of competition.
Yes -- there were mistakes, but they have come so far...
Five team members are rookies who had no idea
what they were getting in to and who had no idea
how fun it would be.
PJ's "allergies" acted up:  Tears of Pride!
...and Jake realized that this was his last performance with
his team...a second family!
How cool -- "Road to Success" t-shirts!
Forever friends...